'Action leads to impact'

We are all yearning to have an impact through contribution and expression of what's unique to each of us. The only way to get there is to commit, no matter what, believe in yourself and take consistent simple, intentional action.

I discovered this years ago in my own journey. Once I tapped into my essence and truth, I answered the calling, followed the yearning of my soul and did that through committing even when times got tough, even when there were setbacks. I took consistent, simple action daily and over the course of a year my business shifted and grew dramatically.

My name is Melanie Scott and I'm an Intuitive Business Strategist and I work with female entrepreneurs to grow their business with intention and impact. Working with clients I use coaching, strategy and energy work. During our time together my clients create and grow an aligned business that is not only profitable but is also having an impact and they feel deeply fulfilled on on purpose.

My mission is to empower women, to wake up and connect to their truth, to reflect to them what's possible. I believe it's essential that we stop ignoring the call. I teach others how to answer that call, to follow the yearning of their heart and create a life and business with intention and impact.”
It is my belief when two or more women come together and are aligned extraordinary things happen. We can create change when we empower one another, rise up and work together.






There's also a very comprehensive download on my website, it's the Intentional Action Plan which will support and guide you. It provides a roadmap of all that's needed to get started and grow a profitable, impactful business.