“Targeting a very specific niche made it easy to find my ideal clients”

I’m a certified Life & Relationship Coach - and so are many others out there. When I was starting out, my business mentor pushed me to find a niche. Although I was hesitant at first, I soon found one that not only excites me but that actually is me: an expat wife.

With my ideal customer clearly defined, it became very easy to position myself and to tell people about what I do. It also became easy for my potential clients to contact me, a la “Hey Camilla, so and so told me I should contact you. I recently moved to my husband’s country of origin and I hate it there… can you help me?”

If you haven’t picked a niche for your business yet I can only recommend you to start thinking about this today. Don’t worry about leaving anyone out - instead, worry about becoming THE go-to expert in your specific field!

Today's tip is brought to us by Camilla Quintana. Camilla is a certified Life & Relationship Coach, helping women who moved abroad for love and are struggling to create a truly fulfilling life away from home. Combining proven tools and strategies from Strategic Interventions Coaching, Positive Psychology and Neuro-Science, she created her signature 4-Pillar Approach.

Having relocated 6 times herself, she also brings a lot of personal experience to the table. She’s fluent in English, German and Spanish and offers her services in all 3 languages.

Camilla currently lives in Bilbao, Spain with her husband and two children.

You can find Camilla here http://www.camillaquintana.com/