“Judge nothing, truly forgive everything, herein lies the peace you seek.”

“Judge nothing, truly forgive everything, herein lies the peace you seek.” Natasha McKenna

For me, a happy business comes from a happy heart. The less you stress the more you succeed. I have built my business by forgiving every roadblock that came my way and using what once harmed to heal, for I turned that block into a step to stand upon. Slowly and surely it has lifted me into heights I could only have dreamed of.

There is a popular saying, “Feel the fear and do it anyway,” but what you haven’t been told is “Feel the fear and forgive it anyway.” You see, when you forgive within, it dissolves the fear that is standing in your way. Everything is a mind game, if you think you can, you will. For what you believe, you achieve.

Whenever I am afraid of something, I utilize it as a chance to forgive within, to dissolve the darkness that has come to keep me limited and in lack. For in truth, you are everything, but you allow those limiting beliefs to keep you chained to smallness. Unchain yourself, by seeing Forgiveness in a new light. It is not limited to an atrocity, or when you have been betrayed by your partner. It is there to free yourself from fear, so that you can know the truth of your love that sits within. When you find your light, fear will be gone and your impossible dream, the one you think is out of reach will become yours to breathe into life.

Forgiveness has so much to offer you, for it wills you happiness. When you find the happiness within, this extends out to your business. Happy people succeed, for it is built upon the goodness of grace.

So now, I want to ask you something. What is your business block? Grab something to write on and make a note of this now. Whatever it is, decide to forgive it, by simply writing out ‘I forgive….’ and whatever this is. For example, if your business block is lack of clients, write down, ‘I forgive my lack of clients.’ Look within to see how this makes you feel, what is the emotion that has been disturbed. So, how does this make you feel? Then write out this statement. For example, if not having enough clients makes you sad, write out ‘I forgive my feelings of sadness.’ Continue to do this exercise for ten or so minutes. Look within, deep within and allow these fearful feelings to be felt, truly forgiven, and they will be gone. Slowly and gently your block will be removed, for in truth, the block is in your mind. And this is what the ‘I Forgive’ principle will correct. Your thoughts that keep you chained to lack, limitation, and loss.

Discover the truth of your love that sits hidden underneath the pain you protect, and I promise, your business will succeed. For finally it will be built upon the trust of love, instead of sinking in the guilt of sin.

Every time you become afraid or blocked in business, change lanes in your thinking, from fear to love, by applying the ‘I Forgive’ principle that I just mentioned. Not only will peace by found, but happiness as well and the doorway that was closed, will miraculous be opened to you.

Then all you have to do, is to believe in yourself and have the courage to walk through it. I wish you all the success you seek, but more than this, I hope you find out how truly amazing and incredible you actually are. For you are the true gift!

Todays's tip is brought to us by Natasha Mc Kenna

Natasha McKenna is a spiritual teacher that has given birth to The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH, and the ‘I Forgive’ Principle. This map to miracles leads you through the darkness hidden within to reunite with the happiness that is your truth. It is where you will find your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self. The Self that has the power to make your impossible dream, possible, by building upon the wholeness of Perfect Love, instead of drowning in fear. If you are not at peace, you are being punished. And it is the miracle of The Treasure Map that leads out of hell and into Heaven – a state so perfect you will only know success.
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