"Your brand story is yours alone, it is uniquely a part of you and no one has the same story or experiences to share."

"Your brand story is yours alone, it is uniquely a part of you and no one has the same story or experiences to share." - Darlene Hawley

When I share with my clients why it’s important to share their story to grow their business and brand, they resist. The thought of sharing and being vulnerable in front of their audience is super scary. I mean after all we’re experts, do we want to share such deep emotions and be so raw with our audience?

The truth is that we connect best when we share stories. So when you open up and share from your heart you start to build a deeper connection with your audience and that allows them to get to know who you are.

We’ve heard it a million times but people buy from people they know, like and trust. 

Sharing your story does just that.

You may not want to hear it but the truth is:

You must start telling your story.

The more open you are the more you will open the hearts of your audience and make them lean in and want to learn more.

Here are a few reasons why you should share your story:

1. People want to know the real you.

Not the perfect polished view that everyone posts on social media but the truly authentic and sometimes messy version of you. When you’re vulnerable and share from your heart and connect the puzzle pieces of your life that lead you to why you’re in business and how you came to be on this journey. You’ll start attracting the right people to work with you.

2. People remember stories.

Your audience might not remember everything about how you can help them, or what exactly your program covers but …

when you share how your health was struggling because you stopped taking time for you and you realized that you had to learn how to balance family, work and self-care to live a life of freedom. This is what she will remember because it connects with her where she is at now and brings her into your story.

3. People need connection.

More than anything we’re seeking a deep connection beyond a simple, how are you? Or a “heart” on Instagram. When it comes to how you show up and connect with your audience, you need to build trust and let her know that you “see, hear and get” her. Share what obstacles have come your way (birth, death, breakup) and how you used them to have a breakthrough in your brand.

The best part is that your story is yours alone, it is uniquely a part of you and no one has the same story or experiences to share. Just show up and give from your heart. 

You never know how the changes in your life can inspire and completely alter the path for someone else.

This is tip no 3 in our series #365BizTips and was brought to us by Darlene Hawley.

Darlene Hawley is a business coach, mother of 4, wife, connector, storyteller and dream builder who lives in Southern California. Darlene has a passion for supporting female entrepreneurs to create an authentic, magnetizing and profitable brand and business by tapping into their story so they can attract their ideal clients and stand out in their industry. Darlene has been committed to helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their business since 2007. 

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