Know your strengths and call the experts for anything else

“Know your strengths and call the experts for anything else” Nicoline Huizingan ( DAY 2 of #365BizTips)

In 2008, my brother-in-law had a huge dream of being an entrepreneur and when he got the opportunity to take over an existing kitchen store, he did it without thinking or consulting an expert. In 2012, he had to close its doors caused by huge debts. Not long after, he got cancer and in 2014, he died, leaving behind my sister and her two boys devastated, and with a 250k € debt.

OK, he had had tough luck with the crisis and everything. But he had also made quite a number of unwise decisions for his business. Why? Because he was such a proud man that he felt like he needed to do everything all by himself. He never consulted an expert to see if this existing kitchen store was a solid investment. He never listened to family or friends saying he should check with the bank or admin experts if he was on track with his business. He thought that as an entrepreneur, he needed to be able to do it all by himself, even though he felt like a total failure when things went bad. The thing is; he was a master in his field of play: selling and installing Italian design kitchens. But he was not a good entrepreneur.

After his death, I ended up writing letters to all creditors to see if we could come to some kind of settlement agreement and together with an amazing budget coach, I managed to get my sister out of this huge debt within 3 years.

Truth be told, I cursed my brother-in-law many times for his entrepreneurial adventure, even though I loved him to bits and I still miss him every day. But it wouldn’t have been necessary if he would have known his strengths and would have asked for expert’s opinions on all the other stuff. After he died, I vowed to share this message to each and every entrepreneur: know your strengths and call experts for everything else. Asking for help or advice is a sign of strength. Not of weakness.

Day 2 of in our #365BizTips was brought to you by Nicoline Huizinga. Nicoline Huizinga is a certified, self-employed visibility strategist, coach, speaker and author of the book ‘Flick the F*ck It Switch’ that will be published in the Spring of 2019. After working for international corporates for 25 years and learning the tricks of the trade from world class trainers and coaches, she now helps female solopreneurs to be visible on relevant platforms for them to land great client contracts and earn a shitload of money.

Nicoline’s services include coaching and training for groups and in 1:1 programmes for female service providers to increase their authority, to sell to ideal clients with ease and to increase turnover as a result.

Nicoline’s born and raised in the Netherlands, but her clients are located all over the world, as she is fluent in 4 languages. She is married, a humorous mom to a 14-year old son, a food & wine lover and a human behaviour connoisseur.

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