“Nailing my niche was a game changer!"

“Nailing my niche was a game changer!” Naomi Estement, Personal Branding, Photographer,  Videographer, Trainer

This changed everything, setting the foundation for me to create my 7 online courses, based on my 15+ years of pro photography and videography experience, as well as confidence on camera coaching. Once I had clarity about who exactly I serve best, namely visionary women entrepreneurs who want to become the star of their brand and lift their online presence to the next level, it was easy to establish how I could serve them best, through personal branding photo and video shoots plus transformational online training, combined with personalized Skype sessions.

Nailing my niche was one of countless benefits I gained from Marie Forleo’s phenomenal online B-School program. I’m so grateful to have won a scholarship in 2016, which helped me to up-level my business by a quantum leap and to win the SA Best Photographic Blog award in 2017 for my website naomiestment.com. Marie teaches brilliant techniques to get super clear about your ideal customer and your purpose for doing what you do, which is typically deeply connected to a challenge you’ve faced in your own life that you’re uniquely qualified to help others overcome.

Today’s tip in our series #365BizTips is brought to us by Naomi Estement,

'“My passion for my work comes from pain. Growing up, I hated the way I looked, and the camera, so much so that I didn’t keep a single photo of myself from before I turned 25. This is because of my severe squint, which you won’t see now because I wear contact lenses and have learnt to control it as an adult. My life has since been completely transformed through photographing and filming hundreds of people since 2004. In the process of helping so many otherwise confident, successful women unleash their inner stars on camera, I’ve seen repeatedly how they’ve struggled with the same challenges.  

This led to creating my online courses, which cover confidence on camera, how to master all the details of personal branding shoots, how to pose and present like a pro, and how to leverage your photos and videos for the best online impact. To sample a taste, you’re welcome to sign up for my Free Rock That Lens Intro online course at courses.naomiestment.com.”

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