"Learning public speaking skills was the BEST thing I ever did"

“Learning new skills, I believe is the foundation to growing personally and professionally'“. Laurie- Ann Murabito, Business Mentor and Speaking Strategist.

As a reformed painfully shy introvert, who wouldn’t make eye contact with others, turned award winning speaker, I’m living proof public speaking is not something you’re born able to do; it’s a learned skill.

This particular skill has given me the confidence to not only share my voice, story and solutions, but also to help more people than I ever could work with privately. As a speaker and author, I get to share, educate and influence others, I know there’s a ripple effect to my message.

Speaking comes in many different forms: podcast, stages, virtual events, webinars, videos, elevator pitches, sales presentations and more. Find one that you feel comfortable with and one that makes you stretch because that’s how you’ll grow and strengthen those skills. I wasn’t good the first time, but I did it anyway.

Here’s what I know from working with private clients, your passion and desire to share will give you an energy that will come out when you’re speaking. That energy will draw people to you.

Make it about them and they’ll remember you!

Today’s tip in our series #365BizTips is brought to us by Laurie- Ann Murabito,

Laurie-Ann Murabito, Business Mentor & Speaking Strategist, a reformed shy gal who used speaking to grow her business after leaving her corporate job without a business plan in place. Using speaking opportunities, she replaced her salary within three months. Today she uses her years as a professional speaker and works with small businesses, helping them to become visible, sell out their programs and monetize their intellectual property. To learn more valuable tips to grow your business visit SpeakAndStandOut.com Grab your copy of the Directory or Places to Speak at bit.ly/LaurieAnnFreeResource

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