Align who you are with whatever you put out in the world.

“Align who you are with whatever you put out in the world. Your true success is measured by your alignment. “ Ruby Gwen

Tip 5 in our series #365BizTIps was brought to us by Ruby Gwen

For years I’d been trying to “BECOME” somebody I thought I needed to be in order to follow my dreams. Almost like who I was was never enough for my desires.

“To succeed in business, you need to be outgoing, outspoken and charismatic.”

“To share your voice, you need to be an expert.”

“For people to take you seriously, you should never show up vulnerable.”

So I traded my freedom of being myself and expressing myself to be deemed “qualified” for my dreams. I tried to squeeze myself into those boxes I never belonged. I was in business but I didn’t feel fulfilled. I didn’t even feel excited. Just like I was wearing a beautiful, on-trend dress but didn’t fit me at all.

 Until I decided to let go and gave myself permission to just be ME and aligning ME with everything I do and dream of. That’s when everything started to shift. That’s when I started to manifest amazing things almost effortlessly.

 That’s when I realized that the first order of business is ALIGNMENT.

Ruby Gwen is a social entrepreneur and motivational speaker. She’s a nerd about mind science and a wholehearted living enthusiast. She loves helping women tap into their inner power to create a life they most want. She recently founded an ethical fashion brand that funds women entrepreneurs in poor communities.